Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re not at fault in a motor collision, you are entitled to claim the costs of a replacement vehicle during the repair period. We forward our invoice directly to the at-fault party for payment.

No. We have a range of cars, vans & utes available as well. If it has four wheels, chances are we have it

We will endeavor to provide you with a like for like replacement vehicle. Like for like means that unlike your insurance company, which may just provide the same standard replacement vehicle to all their clients, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle as close as possible to your own vehicle.

We have  a large range of vehicles in our fleet.

Most insurers discourage parties from utilising our services because it’s a cost to them. The sad reality is insurers are more concerned with reducing their costs than looking after unfortunate drivers involved in accidents.

No. As long as you are not liable for the collision and you agree to assist us with the recovery process, you will not have to pay.

We offer our customers credit hire of our vehicles which means there are no upfront costs to you. Other car hire companies make you pay first. You then have to make a claim to be reimbursed for the costs.

We can still help you. You may also get a free courtesy vehicle when you choose one of our own approved qualified smash repairers.

If someone is injured in the accident and is looking to claim damages,  Ausfleet Claims will assist you with getting professional, friendly and straight-forward advice.

Our associate solicitors specialise in road traffic accident claims, so from the moment you call us, you’ll be in good hands.   Our team will ensure that your claim is handled with your needs in mind, making the process easier for you so you can concentrate on your recovery.

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You can keep the replacement vehicle until repairs on your vehicle are complete. In most cases where your vehicle has been written-off, you can keep it until you are reimbursed by your insurer.

No. Our vehicles are supplied with unlimited kilometers. You will need to notify us if you plan on traveling interstate.

You will need to notify us, as soon as possible, on 1300 AUSFLEET.

Yes, you are still entitled to a replacement vehicle but a higher insurance excess will apply.

We will give the vehicle to you full of fuel on collection. You will just need to return the vehicle full of fuel.

You will need to notify us if there will be additional drivers, any driver that you have not informed us about will not be insured.

Yes, all of our vehicles are fully insured. The excess can range depending on which vehicle you have. You will be informed at time of collection.

Please visit our sister Company at Ausfleet Rentalsfor more information on all our vehicles.


Call 1300 Ausfleet or fill in our online claim form.

One of our representatives will then contact you and the at-fault party to confirm details and determine liability. 

We then will allocate a suitable like-for-like* replacement vehicle delivered to your door for the duration of the repair process. If your vehicle is a total loss, we will advise you on how long you are entitled to a replacement vehicle.

Once your repairs have been completed, we will then arrange the return of our replacement vehicle.

We will then recover the costs from the at-fault party’s insurance company.

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